About Me

Hello, my name is Richard Jurík.

I am 22 years old Slovak half-giant measuring 204 cm (even in cold water ;D), promising traveler, calisthenics trainer and movement enthusiast, who decided to step out of his comfort zone and get to know the world.

I am currently in Myanmar where I work as a volunteer. For this unique opportunity I owe to my sending organization Keric which allowed me to participate in this EVS project.


In this blog, I will try to bring you the experiences, troubles and advices from my travels around the world. And also I’m going to try to show you that, even while traveling around places, you can still work on your physical condition without going to the gym, using only your own body weight.


PS: I’m sure I will make tons of typos and grammar mistakes. As a non native english speaker i will have hard time by writing this english blog. If you find a mistake somewhere, don’t hesitate to contact me as soon as you make fun of me.