Food I tried in Yangon

Since my arrival in Myanmar I have been trying Myanmar specialties and streedfood.

As soon as I accomodated, my guide took me on noodles. Food tastes are strong, they use a lot of spices and a lot of oil. I realy like the taste of Myanmar food. Now something about the dishes I tried…


Mohinga is a rice noodle and fish soup from Myanmar. The main ingredients of mohinga are chickpea flour and/or crushed toasted rice, garlic, onions, lemongrass, banana tree stems, ginger, fish paste, fish sauce, and catfish in a rich broth. It is served with rice vermicelli, dressed and garnished with fish sauce, a squeeze of lime, crisp fried onions, coriander, spring onions, crushed dried chillies, and, as optional extras, crisp fried fritters.

I ate Mohunga about 3 times and always tasted good but always tasted differently.

Myanmar Curry

Ordering a simple curry includes rice, a large basket of salad, a slightly sour soup (often fishy or tamarind) to clear the palate, a vegetarian curry, prawn sambal for heat, a dried meat or fish for texture and a vegetable or three. Many restaurants then offer candies, tea-leaves, crisps or peanuts as both appetiser and dessert. The  basic ingredients (garlic, ginger and chilli) are combined with only a few other ingredients per dish to create soft but surprisingly complex flavours. Main dishes are rarely hot. At most of the times i choose some protein Mutton, pork, chicken, beef or fish. These choices will be put in bowls and carried back to your table by a waiter. The side dishes (rice, basket of salad, soup) always arrived first. It’s not bad manners to start eating as your food arrives as there can be long delays between dishes.

I use to eat curry for lunch every day in Yangon

Shan Noodles 

Shan noodle, loved by most Myanmar people and commonly eaten as lunch or dinner or a kind of snack, is one of the unique Myanmar foods. Shan Noodles are originally from Shan state, the east part of Myanmar which lies next to the borders among China, Thailand, and Laos, that is the place where I will be volunteering for the next 4 month. The dish is the combination of thin rice noodles in a clear peppery broth with marinated chicken or pork, garnished with toasted sesame and garlic oil. Chicken or pork were usually cooked in tomato sauce. It is served with a side of pickled vegetables or chopped peanuts, spring onions, and mustard greens. This dish it is relatively simple, but it is reassuring comforting and always delicious.

I can’t wait on Shan Noodles  in Shan State where they originated.


Jaggery, which is harvested from toddy palm juice, is traditionally served after a heavy meal to aid digestion. Jaggery has a rich taste, and is always served in blocks that are far bigger than a normal bite-size. After a few nibbles on one of the big blocks, I don’t want to eat anymore and the rest gets wasted. So sweet jaggery is.


Tastefully similar to our European pancakes. However the difference was that they were much thicker and more fluffy. They have consistency maybe like sour cake. They are usually served with sugar and freshly grated coconut.

In every restaurant or street food they provide really good herbal tea for free.

Of course that i ate more foods but these were typical myanmar foods. I will write about the others meals maybe later 😀


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