Hot spring near the monastery.

I am trying to fully use my free time in the monastery. Local volunteers took the opportunity to show us the thermal spring, which is located about 45 min from the monastery. They told us in the monastery that spring has curative effects. In addition to volunteers, a few of our students also joined us.

So we went after our class. On the way to the hot spring, we went through a so-called short cut through rice fields. Often after ankles in water or mud. As we approached the spring we divided into 2 groups. As is common in Myanmar, boys and girls always have separate places to perform hygiene. So our girls disconnected and we, boys, continued our journey for about 5 minutes. Of course, the place for the men was far enough to not see and hear the girls. The surrounding area was muddy because of the rainy season. We change into our swimsuits. Nudity is a huge taboo in Myanmar. We were just guys on a purely boys’ spot but still… 

The spring was about 20 cm deep and crystal clear. But it was not allowed to enter the source for religious reasons. So we had to shower with a bucket. The water was about 70 degrees. It was extremely hot and we always waited about 30 sec after taking the water in a bucket to cool the water down. 

But around the spring and in it were garbage, plastic packaging and packaging from single use champoos. I was also a little bit disappointed that the guys pulled out their own shampoos and they were no organic products. And they washed everything back into the spring. Sad.

It was a pretty nice trip, I got a little bit closer to my students, met local volunteers and saw the surroundings of the monastery.


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