Journey from Bratislava to Myanmar

It was the longest journey I’ve ever taken. It lasted approximately 25h. From Bratislava to Vienna, from Vienna to Moscow, from Moscow to Bangkok and from Bangkok to Yangon.

My brother and friend gave me a lift to Vienna. It took us about an hour to get out of Bratislava in the morning traffic jam and get to Vienna Airport.

I arrived at the airport 2 hours before departure. I checked in, and thanks to a very nice lady working for the airline I was flying with, I managed to book seats with more foot space for my next 2 flights.

I was waiting for 2 hours in Moscow for a flight to Bangkok, which was just time to eat and prepare some blog articles.

In Bangkok i had to wait 5.5 hours. While waiting, I managed to book an emergency exit seat with a larger foot space. Due to this emergency seat i become fast training how to open emergency door :D.On Bangkok Airport I also slept for about 2 hours on a bench like last homeless because I couldn’t sleep on the airplane.

Finally, with a slight delay, I arrived to Yangon where a girl from our host organization was waiting for us.

When I arrived, it was told to me that I would spend the next 7 days in Yangon. So lets explore Yangon…


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