Stone Dam Ancient Heritage Tin Yoe

On my next weekend, I decided to do something again. I had nothing planned in advance because my coordinator obviously didn’t want to go anywhere. But on Thursday Weekend morning, I managed to talk to him and convinced him for a small trip. Tin Yoe Ancient Heritage. My plan was to go by car or motorbike. But my coordinator suggest that we could go by boat and take a bath in the lake. So we decided to go by boat. It was possible to take another 13 students with us, and therefore the price will be better. In 30 minutes we got 12 boys (boys, because on our program was also planned bathing and in Myanmar boys and girls can not swim together).

We went from the monastery to the port where a boat was waiting. On the boat was waiting captain and a biker on a motorcycle. The boat was suddenly a ferry. Thanks to the biker, we had a nice round trip on the lake, because he needs to go to the opposite shore of the lake as the stone dam was. Along the way we missed a bunch of fishermen and boats carrying various goods. The captain was a seasoned guy and he knew the lake perfectly, he sali brilliantly among the water lilies.

After approximately 45 minutes we arrived at the stone dam. Firstly we jumped into the water. The water looked clear, and we could see to the bottom. Life was also visible in the water, some fish were swimming there :D. The water was pleasantly warm. I could feel seaweed at the bottom. Some guys knew how to swim really well. The others stayed ashore and did not take their feet off the bottom. I took  a little bit of swimming to warm up and make me move.

Again, there was the trend of disposable shower shampoos. I have some doubts that instead of taking the shampoo packages to the monastery and throw them to trash cans after returning, they drowned them in the lake instead.

We dressed and explore a little the dam. The dam was about 3 meters high. It was built of stone and some concrete. A narrow channel was made at the top of the dam. There were few local fishermen around the dam. We walked along the dam about 1km until the dam was destroyed. It was missing about 4 meters. We turned and walked back a few meters back to spot where there was a stretch that was easy to climb down. A short away from there awaited us our boat. We all jumped into the boat and went back to the monastery. After about 5 min almost all the guys have dozed.

This trip cost about 50 cents per person and I have to say that the 50 cents were worth it :D.


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