Streetworkout on my surftrip in france

As a personal trainer especially coach of calisthenics, I could not forgive myself to take gymnastic circles to France. I like their versatile use.

Considering that all of us on the surf trip, were at least a little interested in calisthenics so we had a small training to not get out of shape.

We have found on the internet that they have a street workout playground in the city. Unfortunately, when we found the playground, we found that it would have been at least a few months since somebody exercise there. It was not at all similar to internet photos and more than half of the elements were missing. Even the most important one, the rack, was missing. After more than an hour of exploring the city, we found out that they had no football goal or construction to hang the circles in Vieux Bocau. So we hung the circles on the nearest suitable tree and had small training on the levers.

This is an advantage of calisthenics, you do not need a gym for keeping you in shape, you just need to find a suitable tree😀


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