Surftrip to France

One beautiful day, when I was still working as a trainee in one unnamed corporation, I received an offer from my colleagues to go with them on surftrip to France. My answer was, of course yes.

In the next 4 months we had 2 meetings where we planned the whole trip and booked the hotel in our chosen location, which was Vieux Boucau les Bains. From Bratislava we planned a trip through Austria, Germany and France to make the trip as cheap as possible.The journey by car should take about 20 hours with planned breaks. The trip plan was as follows, start early in the morning and go until it shuts us down, and then we can quickly book some accommodation to replenish our strength.

Initially, the journey was on schedule. We set out at 5 in the morning and all the way to Germany went smoothly. And Germany, which we were looking forward to because of the unlimited speed on the highway, disappointed us. There was always work on the road, and traffic jams near big cities.

Around 14:00 we started looking for some last minute accommodation on the booking. And we found a paradise about half an hour from the French highway in Les Doux Rieves ( ). Beautiful French countryside. We were accomodated in a house from the 18th century. The owners were very nice, we joined them for evening sitting and tasted local cheese. For a long time i did not have so good sleep as I had there. And in the morning we had a pleasant wake-up in the form of mooing of cows. If we know what a great place we will find, we would book it for more days.

The advantage of a roadtrip is that you visit the places you would not otherwise visit. 

So we went on the road and after another 7 hours of travel we finally arrived in Vieux Boucau les Bains where we stayed and enjoyed surfing for the next 7 days.


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