Ways of transport in Yangon

 I spent 10 days in Yangon. And I tried several ways of transport.

I was accommodated at the outskirts of Yangon. I used to transport to the city center (Downtown) only by taxi. I used the Grab / Grab app to call the taxi. This app is something like uber. I wrote the address from which I want them to be picked up and the address where they should drop me off. The application then showed me the price and gave me the opportunity to search for a driver. Most of the time I did it by looking in advance at google maps where I want to go, then copying the address and pasting it to the pickup location in the app. This was an excellent way not to be scammed by a taxi driver when I was traveling without the locals. But I used it more because I didn’t know Burmese Language. The taxi driver knew where we were going and I knew how much I was paying. In Myanmar, almost no one speaks or understands English.

The taxis were mostly old white Toyota cars with a taxi table on top. All taxis i travel with had steering wheels on the right side. In Myanmar they also drive on the right side of the road. Taxi drivers mostly chewed Betel nut and on the way they opened the door and spit red spit out of the car.

It usually worked smoothly with a taxi. But a few times occurred problems on the way back. For some reason, Grab taxi didn’t show drivers directions to my address. The following happened to me: The taxi driver stopped by the road, got out of the car and went to the store. He muttered something in his language and got out. He did this about 4 times during our ride. At that time we were only about 2km from our accommodation. Then I realize that he is probably asking for directions. Later I found out where the problem was and I turned on my phone the navigation and showed it to the drivers to know where to go.

The price of the ride was around 3800 kyats and from our accommodation to the center. It took about 35min (8km). At peak time it took more and the price of the taxi was higher.

We took bus several times in the city center. However, we only took the buses when they were locals with us, because we did not know where the buses go. The buses were brand new and all air-conditioned. Buses used to be full, but traveling by bus was very similar to Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany or Sweden. The steering wheels of the buses were all on the left stand.

We paid for the ride at the entrance to the bus and the price of the ticket we traveled (5-6 stops) was 200 Kyats.

 I also tried a tricycle in my neighborhood. Local way of transport on tricycles, where three people can fit. This way of transport had traditional touch. The locals used tricycles often around. It was an experience to try tricycle.

We paid about 1000 kyats for about 10 minutes. In any case, I recommend trying it.

Another way of transporting in Yangon is City train. It is a train that rides in a circle around the city. This method is mainly used by the locals and many tourists do not know about it. The trains are old and not air-conditioned, but have no windows and wind blows pleasantly. Local sellers with fruit and various delicacies are walking through the train. As for all methods of transport, the train was a real experience.

Traveling by train to downtown, took us about 35min and cost 200 Kyats. And the locals travel even more cheap, but the ticket for tourists also includes insurance, so it is more expensive.

Nevertheless, we moved mostly on foot. Within the center and also within shorter distances up to 2.5 km in our neighborhood. One could see a lot of interesting buildings. Many colonial buildings can be seen in Yangon from the time when Myanmar still belonged to Britain. Walking through the various hidden aisles. You could soak up the local atmosphere. Walk along the countless small stands with a variety of food and products. at least one could see the local community and could experience the city from firsthand.

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  • Michal Bíro

    I love to hear about your travels! Yangon seems like a welcoming place to go 🙂

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